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Happy Birthday, Shaq! We Love Your Chicken!

Did you know that Shaq has a chicken spot? Neither did I until about 48 hours ago when I stumbled out of my Target shopping haze to find one in the shopping plaza in Valencia, CA. Join me on my journey of recounting my 10 out of 10 experience at Big Chicken and find out the one and only thing that I thought they were slackin’ on.

Move Over Chick-Fil-A, there’s a new chicken in town!

As my husband pulled into the plaza, a bright orange sign caught my attention. With orange being my favorite color, I lept out of the moving vehicle, dodged incoming traffic, and burst through the doors in search of Big Chicken. The smell was tantalizing. I scanned the menu with greedy ambition, salivating at the choices presented. The sandwich of my dreams soon became clear. The Uncle Jerome. Pushing aside several commoners out of my way, I made it to the counter where the nicest cashier helped me decide what kind of cheese I should add to this mysterious Uncle Jerome. My husband burst through the door out of breath yelling “Munster” all the way until he reached the counter. I ordered him his own and got Pepper Jack on mine because why not at this point.

Two combos, a shake, and a few agonizing moments of mentally preparing for greatness, my number was finally called! It felt like a dream. Everything about Uncle Jarome was as the menu described. Fate stepped in at that moment as I took my first bite, claiming that this was indeed the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had. It felt almost ludicrous that I had spent even a cent on Popeyes just a few days earlier on a “magical whim to treat myself”. The world around me ceased to exist as I devoured Uncle Jerome and the fries that it came with. I was only brought back to my senses when my husband tentatively asked me if I wanted to taste his El Padrino Negro. Then and only then was the experience complete.

At least that’s how it went down in my head.

The Real Scoopity Scoop on Big Chicken

For those that live in the area, Big Chicken is in the River Oaks Shopping center. I thought this location choice was genius and a bit hilarious, as there are two big-name chicken places already in the immediate area. Zankou Chicken and Chick Fil A. As someone who has tried all three at this point, Big Chicken is hands down the winner.

I wasn’t lying when I said the color was the first thing that drew me in. Everything out front is orange from the sign to the chairs. You can’t miss it. As soon as you walk in there is a stand with menus for you to browse from. This way you can decide what you want (or not) without having to awkwardly walk up to the counter and stare at the menu while the person behind the counter does their best to look busy while you decide. The atmosphere is both inviting and entertaining. From the TV’s playing sports to the gigantic cookies next to the cash register, there is a whimsical feeling to it that brings the vibe of family and friends alike getting together to dig into some bomb a** food. Each table has a paper towel holder instead of napkins, which I think is brilliant because eating at Big Chicken can get messy fast! Though I didn’t go into the bathrooms, they were in a clean hallway off to the side that looked inviting and accessible for all guests.

There was only one thing that I would like to suggest to add to this experience, and it’s honestly me just giving a suggestion. Adding a little hand sanitizer bottle to the table would help the overly stuffed from rolling all the way to the bathroom to wash their hands after their experience or the uber-lazy people who just want a quick squirt before they dig in. Nothing that will make or break the experience by any stretch of the imagination, just a suggestion to bring up at next month's board meeting or something.

There’s no way to honor someone on their birthday than to give them the praise they so rightfully deserve. As someone who has grown up admiring Shaq from a distance, I’m proud to support his Big Chicken dreams in all their orange glory!

In honor of Shaq’s birthday, participating locations are giving out FREE ice cream cones! Even if you miss out on the free cream, make a point to check it out if there’s one in your area. Just a friendly reminder that only service animals and 7ft chickens are allowed inside Big Chicken, so get your fur babies something To Go or Cater for their next birthday party.

See if there’s a Big Chicken in your area by visiting their website here.

This has been another successful Nums Report. Let’s see where our tastebuds take us next!

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